The Seer Saga: an Epic High Fantasy series

Everyone wants answers. No one wants the truth.

The Stranger Trilogy, the sequel to The Seer, available now.

The Seer: In a world of magic, in an empire built on intrigue, a young girl named Amarta sells her visions of the future to keep her family from starving. When Amarta comes to the attention of those with wealth and power, her visions will not be enough. In this tapestry of loyalty, magic, and gold, Amarta becomes the key to everyone’s ambitions. To survive, she must do more than predict the future. She must create it. Curious? Read Chapter One.

  • The Seer, available from AmazonBarnes & NobleBaen Books, and Audible.  In this book, we meet  Amarta, the Seer of Arunkel.
  • The Sequel: The Stranger Trilogy. This story follows The Seer.
  • The Game: Rochi is a 54-card deck for play and divination, from The Stranger Trilogy. Rochi beta deck, rules, and history, here. (Rochi deck and game designed in collaboration with James Ernest, award-winning designer of Patrick Rothfuss’s Tak.) The game of Rochi is played in Unmoored, the first volume of  The Stranger Trilogy.
  • The Prequel: Touchstone“.  This novelette comes before The Seer in the overall timeline.
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  • The Maps: Seer Saga maps

Read chapter one of The Seer, free: Chapter One

Cover art courtesy of artist Sam R. Kennedy.


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