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The Stranger Trilogy, the sequel to The Seer, available now.

“A major talent. Her writing is unsparing and wicked.”
— Barry N. Malzberg
“Compelling characters, a fully imagined world, and a gripping narrative.”
– David B. Coe, author of best-selling Winds of the Forelands series
“As bleeding-edge relevant as it is timeless. A beautiful read.”
 – D.J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye
“Holy shit! That was awesome! Hell yeah, strong women! Hell yeah, well-outlined magic systems, hell yeah detailed and storied past that pays dividends!”
– Andrew T. Ward, Reader

Curious? Read chapter one of The Seer, right here.

The Rochi Deck: A 54-card deck for gambling and divination, from The Stranger trilogy, coming to you from Campaign Coins. Rochi beta deck, rules, and history, here. Rochi was designed in collaboration with game designer James Earnest (Cheapass Games), creator of Patrick Rothfuss’s Tak.

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