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Best Practices in Biohacking, 2020 I mentioned to Thaddeus of that he needed more articles by women, so–of course–he asked me for one. Most of the questions I get asked about my own biohacks come to: “how do I this myself?” I thought about my own journey and wrote “Best Practices in Biohacking.”
Responses to submissions to the Journal of Universal Rejection Journal of Universal Rejection, 2011-2015

As an Associate Editor at the Journal of Universal Rejection it was my job to evaluate and respond to submissions when the Editor-in-Chief assigned them to me. Here are some of the best.

This work is somewhere in the grey area between fiction and non-fiction, so you’ll find some of it under my fiction page as well. One might reasonably claim that rejection is a hyper-real experience, no matter how fictionalized it might be. I wouldn’t argue.

Various articles about fine chocolate Chocolate Atlas, FCIA, my blog, etc., 2011-2012 Various reviews on chocolate, chocolate shops, and chocolate festivals.
The Dancer I am Becoming Published by Line Zero Quarterly Arts Journal. Print copy upon request. Drop me a note to express interest. May 2011 More about tango, self-reflection, and life.
Balance, Grace, and Humility Line Zero Quarterly Arts Journal. November 2010 A bit about dance, about balance, about life. No longer in print, but I can get you a copy if you ask real nice.
Practice for Real Life Courageous Creativity Magazine, Issue #1 July 2010 I met Shahana when she was starting up this magazine. She said she wanted articles about cross-cultural courage. Only when she started to talk about how culture was not just where you grew up, but how you became who you are, did it hit me that my most challenging cultural shift was tango.
I’m Wearing Bright Yellow Undies 2009, Nonprofit Online News, archived here. The subtitle is “How We Make Stuff Up When Communicating Online.” It’s so easy for our backbrains to think we connect on-line the way we do in person, but it isn’t true. I wanted to say this in a way that would be sticky in the brain, that people wouldn’t forget.
Buying Safe on the Internet Computer Bits Magazine, 2004 I wanted to give people clues about buying safe online. Privacy, scams, phishing, merchant reviews, return policies, credit card safety — all old news now, but at that time, new to most people using the net.
Internet Virus Antidote, with Richard Brodie The article is here. 2003 I saw an earlier version of this page, dropped Brodie email suggesting a few changes, and he enthusiastically encouraged me to rewrite the page. So I did.
The Virtual Village on the Edge of Cyberspace From the proceedings of The Second International Cyberspace Conference, 1991 In 1991 the on-line world we all call home was very new. I wrote about how it was going to be. Ironically gone from the internet. (Let me know if you find it anywhere.) Here is a scan of the TOC.
Crime and Punishment in Cyberspace Library and Information Technology Association, 1992 LITA archived article here.