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Unmoored: Book One,The Stranger Trilogy

The sequel to The Seer. Available now, everywhere. The next two books available later in 2020, sooner to subscribers via my Patreon account.
Book Cover: The Stranger: Unmoored, by Sonia Orin Lyris

The continuing story of Amarta, The Seer, as she takes the road forward to try to understand herself and her place in the world.

Unmoored is Book One of The Stranger Trilogy, which continues the story of The Seer.

Happy Birthday

Imps and Minions, anthology, edited David F. Shultz. Aug 2019. Available in paperback and kindle here. The best thing about birthdays is the surprise presents. Right?

When Strangers Meet

Dispatches from Anarres: Portland Writers Pay Tribute to the Vision of Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by Susan DeFreitas. Publication date pending. First contact, pre-game.


Reprint; first publication in New Legends anthology. 


Baen Books, 2016.


Available right here, free to readers.

A prequel to The Seer.

Two brothers are thrust into palace life and royal intrigue. All they need to do to survive is find the right bell.

The Seer

From Baen Books, AmazonBarnes & Noble. Published 2016.



ISBN: 978-1476781266

In a remote mountain village, a young girl named Amarta sells her prophecies to keep her family from starving. A dangerous game, this, when her predicti

Book Cover: The Seer, by Sonia Orin Lyris

ons gain Amarta and her family too much notoriety than is good for them.

In a tapestry of loyalty, intrigue, magic, and gold, Amarta becomes the key to everyone’s ambitions. To survive, she must do more than predict the future. She must create it.

Everyone wants answers. No one wants the truth.


LORE vol. 2, no. 5; published April 2014. Out of print, but occasionally available here, on Amazon. Two men talk. Someone has been killed.
Maybe. Hard to say.


Jay and Me – A Story in Three Short Acts

The Jay Wake Book: A Celebrahardcopytion of Jay Lake, Edited by Sandra Tayler, July 2013


jay wake climbs to the stars

This collection of pictures, remembrances, and fiction was created for JayWake, Jay’s pre-mortem celebration. The hardcopy version of the book is the best, with full-color pictures, but there are also PDFs you can have for free. Low Res (7MB) and High Res (72MB)

Biggest Fan! Ever!

Flush Fiction: 88 Short-Short Stories You Can Read in a Single Sitting from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, 2012



A letter from a fan to the greatest scientist of the age, about his dog, time travel, and saving the world.


Anthology Dark Descents from Hazardous Press, Dec 2012.

Out of print, and not available anywhere, so if you have a copy, don’t lose it. Sadly, Hazardous Press is no more.


This three-story collection begins with my dark and bloody urban fantasy novella about love, power, and the apocalypse. Also in the collection are reprints of “The Green” and “Motherhood”. Available for kindel and in hard copy.

Romance, with Mice

Dadaoism AnthologyChomu Press, 2012. Still in print.


From the submission guidelines: “…an anthology that will be the literary and psychic equivalent of a tour around the edges of a dying galaxy in a spectacularly malfunctioning space vehicle.” I found this call irresistible and wrote Romance, with Mice. It would have been unpublishable almost anywhere else, so I was really pleased when they said yes. Pick up the anthology here or here.

Mirror Test

Tomorrow Project: Seattle from Intel Corporation, 2011. Freely downloadable.

In 2011 Intel asked for science fiction describing the future of some of their key R&D technologies for this anthology. I combined virtual reality, machine learning, and facial recognition to explore what happens when software can tell intimate things about what meatware (that’s us) is thinking. The anthology pdf is available here, courtesy of Intel. There used to be podcast interview with me about the story here, but it seems to have vanished.

The Rejection Saga

Journal of Universal Rejection, 2011 Meta-fiction, meaning fiction within



layers. Yes, like an onion. This work led me to an editorial position. It’s all wrapped up in a nice little package here.


Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, June 1997


Out of print.

This story has to do with an ancient theme, the granting of wishes, which so often goes not quite as we expect.

The Angels’ Share

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Dec 1996



Available at Smashwords.

Single malt whiskey aged a typical decade loses a percent and a half every year to evaporation and this lossage is called “the Angels’ Share”. I was so enchanted with the phrase that I sat down to write and this story was born. It’s about body-swapping and mortality. 

And Peace Shall Sleep

HarperPrism, 1996



Exploring classic fantasy themes of heroism, non-traditional



families, and explosives.Stands on its own — you don’t need to be a Magic the Gathering player to follow. No longer in print, but available from various places including the obvious.

MTG Wiki plot summary here.

Multiply and Conquer

  An essay dressed up as fiction, and connected to the story, “A Hand in the Mirror”.



Chef’s Surprise

Anthology Distant Planes, Wizards of the Coast, 1995


As far as I know the book is out of print. Let me know if you find out otherwise.

“Chef’s Surprise” is the origin story of The Underground Cookbook, a fictional work referred to in the flavor text of the card Granite Gargoyle. It was work-for-hire, so I don’t own it, but I am indeed the author.


There are some interesting posts about this book, among them these two: The Throat Wolf card and what I did with it in the receipe book and this excellent summary of the story itself.

And Vincent? A tribute to Mr. Price, of course.

Scroll to the end of this page to see some of my favorite fan artwork for this story.

When Strangers Meet

New Legends anthology, edited by Greg Bear, 1995

This is one of the strangest stories to ever flow out of my fingers. Stranger still, editor Greg Bear wanted it for this prestigious anthology with almost no edits. One of my teachers, Howard Waldorp, once told me that if a writer is lucky, she gets one good story that writes itself. For me, this was that story.

The Going Price

Wizards of the Coast, anthology Tapestries The seed story for And Peace Shall Sleep. It’s about exploding dragon eggs and obnoxious heroes. And seduction, of course.

The Jesus Construct

Pulphouse, issue #18, 1995 Religion, consciousness, and virtual reality in university politics.

A Hand in the Mirror

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Aug, 1993. Cover story. Also Cyberdreams anthology.


An early look into collaborative virtual reality and academia. I have brought the story current and extended it into a novel-length work with the working title MirrorMind, as yet unpublished.

The Green

Expanse Number 3, May 1994.


Also, Dark Descents, from Hazardous Press, 2013.

Out of print, alas.

What’s worse than growing up in a big-city apartment with roaches? 

There is a Season

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Dec 1993 When a beloved relative is bed-bound in the hospital, when he doesn’t have a lot of choices, what does he want?

It Might be Sunlight

In print and available here.

Original publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Nov 1993

Eleven light-years from Earth, in a place beyond time, Kelly struggles with an alien captor for her freedom. Or at least the truth.

Hardcopy only because I want you to hold it in your hands.


Pulphouse, issue #16, Sep 1993. Reprinted in the collection “Dark Descents” from Hazardous Press, 2013. It’s about motherhood, but it’s also about sanity.


I’m told that this is horror. I didn’t know. 

The Animal Game

Anthology Infinite Loop: Stories About the Future by the People Creating It : Software Development’s Own Anthology of Science Fiction, Ed Larry Constantine, pub. Miller Freeman, 1993

I wondered if I could write a story with six characters and no dialogue, about virtual reality gaming.Yes, it turned out, I could. And to my surprise, it also turned out to be humor. FTW!



Willamette Writers Kay Snow First Place Winner, 1993. Available here on Smashwords

In “Carnival,” I  touch on the theme of how fleeting are transcendent experiences. It’s all so obvious, so clear, so easy, when you’re there. Then it’s gone.


This story won the Kay Snow award in 1993.

Eyes of the Beholder

Midnight Zoo (Vol. 2, No. 1), Jan 1992


I workshopped this gruesome tale at a SF&F convention in 1991. One of the pros took me aside afterwards and said: “rewrite it without pulling your punches, and I’ll publish it.” I thought the story was already over the line. She assured me it wasn’t. So I rewrote it, took it to the limit, and she published it. My first sale. Available to my patrons. Subscribe here.




First place winner, Kay Snow Writing Contest  1992, Willamette Writers. Available now on Smashwords.


My first professionally published story.


It’s a bit edged, and leaves in the mouth a taste somewhat like iron.

In the Kitchen with Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar ("Asmor" for short)
In the Kitchen with Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar (“Asmor” for short), from CHEF’S SURPRISE. Artist Samuel Barnhart

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