The sequel to The Seer.

Finally liberated from her captor, Amarta—The Seer of Arunkel—travels south to Perripur, her former hunter—and lover—at her side.

She needs all the help she can get, because more hunters are tracking her, close behind.

As Amarta’s fame spreads across two countries, so does her need to understand herself, and to find others who can also see into the future.

Back in Arunkel, the man who once held Amarta's freedom—the queen's Lord Commander and Royal Consort—plays a deadly game with the aristocratic Houses. He must win if his queen and his child are to survive. He has not forgotten the Seer whom he once hunted, and held captive.

Amarta has not forgotten him, either.

Unmoored—the first book of The Stranger Trilogy—begins new adventures for Amarta, The Seer. Come explore this rich world, follow the court intrigue, and learn the truth about power.

Be sure to pick up the other books in the trilogy: Maelstrom and Landfall.

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Map of Perripur

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