Patron FAQ

Is The Stranger the sequel to The Seer?

Yes. But also, The Seer is the prequel to The Stranger. That is, according to early readers, they can be read in either order. That said, The Stranger was written after The Seer, and is intended to follow it.

Is it okay to share these chapters with friends?

I’d rather you didn’t. One of the reasons I am doing this–producing my own work, rather than going through a publisher–is to build a more direct relationship between me as a storyteller and readers who want me to make more stories. Without that support, I can’t make more stories.

If you know people who want to read the work, that’s wonderful. Please encourage them to support my work as you have. Now, if it’s your mate, and you’re reading together, by all means share.

But bottom line: if you want to encourage artists like me to create more art, then we need your pennies. That’s how we get by.

At some point I’ll be distributing something from the book, freely, to encourage people to read the rest. But not yet. I’ll let you know.

But I make exceptions…

I have a friend who can’t afford to be your patron, but really wants to read the book. Is there some way?

Yes! I have a NOTAFLOF policy: No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds. If someone wants the book and truly can’t afford it, have them send me a direct message via any of the multitude of channels on which I can be found, explain to me the circumstances, and I’ll give them a means to read the story.

While I appreciate being able to pay any of my bills with my work, I care more about readers than money, and I don’t want lack of funds to stop anyone from being part of my readership. Contact me, and become part of my readership. NOTAFLOF.

I thought The Stranger was a single book, but now it’s a trilogy?

Yes, it is. I’ve broken what is a fairly long work into three parts. If you are one of my Patreon subscribers, you’ll be getting all three volumes of the larger work, which is still called The Stranger.

I found an error. Do you want me to proof as I read?

I would much prefer that you to enjoy the journey, that you fall into the story. My fondest hope is that the narrative itself is more compelling than whatever I’ve overlooked.

But I will find errors?

Right. Particularly if you look for them.

I’m meticulous, so imagine my frustration to discover that errors are impossible to eradicate in a work of this size. It doesn’t matter how many times I and other copy editors review the narrative.

The Seer was reviewed by multiple professional editors across a long year–line, copy, and proof– and myself (so many times)–and at least ten early readers, some of whom are obsessive.

And yet the simplest of errors slid past all our eyes. It’s astonishing, it truly is.

But if it bothers you…

Yeah, it bothers me. Who can I tell so it gets fixed?

No problem: tell me. I’ll fix it in the next iteration, before the next publication goes into production. Drop me a note via email or any of the various means by which I may be contacted. I appreciate your concern.

What if I don’t like the way the story is going?

Ah… that’s another matter. If you want to be heard about some issue you have with the story, I encourage you to bring it the monthly Salon, where others can also weigh in with their opinions.

And if I love it?

You should tell me. You really should. That’s writer food, it is.

Again, use any communication channel that appeals to you, from email to Patreon to Discord. And by all means bring it to the Salon.

My question wasn’t answered here.

Excellent. Send it to me.