Not Go Quietly

Confession: I was addicted to Pokemon Go. I was one of those people, wandering streets, stopping abruptly, gape-mouthed, intently pawing at my phone.

I only cared about acquiring pretend things, staking out pretend territory, and winning against hapless, pretend creatures.

Not real. Hitting them until they lost consciousness. Just a game.

Just a game.

I finally broke my addiction. Moments later, my story-crafting mind popped up and asked: "hey, what if those creatures were real, in some other reality? What then?"

In that moment, my story "Not Go Quietly" was born.

Publisher: Knotted Road Press

Mama, the monster has come for me at last. You say they are gods, that it is good to go with the gods, but I am not so sure.

So fast. How can anything move so fast?

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