Artisan Chococlate

For a number of years, I wrote for online chocolate magazines, reviewing events and specific chocolate bars.

The 2013 NW Chocolate Festival, Seattle WA An amazing time. The festival changes year by year.
The 2012 NW Chocolate Festival, Seattle WA If you missed it, don’t worry — I went for you.
Fran’s Chocolates celebrates a 30th anniversary See the chocolate flow! Hear the applause! Eat caramels! Demand answers to hard-hitting journalistic questions!
Woodblock Chocolate, Portland I dropped in to talk with Charley at his new Portland chocolate factory. Here’s how it went.
Northwest Chocolate Festival 2011 At the October 2011 NW Chocolate Festival I was (literally) filled with an amazing assortment of fine chocolates and a wealth of insights into the industry. My personal (and somewhat more political) views on the festival are here on my blog.
Stepping into Fran’s I was strolling along Seattle’s 1st Avenue and decided to pop in to Fran’s. A hour and many confections later I counted myself delightfully seduced by Fran’s deliciously understated elegance.
A Day at the Chocolate Factory Theo Chocolates has one of the few tourable factories in the nation. When Theo roasts, you can smell it blocks away. Imagine what it’s like on the factory floor.
Visiting Chocolopolis Chocolopolis on Queen Anne gave me new insight into the “art” part of “artisan chocolates”. I stopped mocking this phrase after I tasted their fig confection.
Talking Taza Taza had me at the first bite, with its stone-ground texture and cave-deep taste.
What about Valrhona? I saw Valrhona everywhere, in chocolate shops and grocery stores, so I thought I’d say something about it.
Tea at the Queen Mary The teahouse serves chocolate pudding—an unusual indulgence. It was surprisingly good.