Life-Coaching with Sonia Lyris

About my Practice

I offer transformational coaching strategies and tactics for singles, couples, and triads.

I explore with my clients how they are put together, where the discontinuities and conflicts live. What’s in shadow? What’s lit up?

We’ll look at how we navigate life, build capacity, perspective, resilience. We’ll co-create approaches for re-coding emotional and conceptual structures. I use specific, customized practices to help people step into the selves they want to be.

We start where you are, and we go at the speed you want to go.

Relationship Coaching

In relationships, my focus is to support clear communication pathways, increased connection capacity, productive conflict, and disaster recovery.

I see relationships as mirrors, as opportunities to see ourselves better. Also, they can be a means to see how we’ve limited ourselves, and a beacon inviting us to go beyond those limits.

I have experience with traditional and non-traditional relationships, including ENM (ethical non-monogamy), consensual power dynamics, and sensation exploration.

My Background

Across forty years I’ve studied a wide range of personal transformation disciplines. I facilitate group processes designed to encourage connection and empathy. I’ve created and led communication workshops for diverse communities.

I have worked with neurodivergent clients. I honor alternative minds and relationship structures.

I believe the physical is essential. I have practiced various fighting arts and partner dance, both of which are studies in motion of self, other, and relationship.

I have been life-coaching for two decades.


Here are some things people have said about working with me:

“Sonia is particularly skilled at listening for what’s under the surface. She’s very good at taking you there, right to the edge, to look at the unknown, but not throwing you off the cliff. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for depth and accountability.”

“I feel a relief as I settle into my true power. Not the power I presented to show the world how powerful I am. Not the power I mourned, for having never had it, or proven unworthy of keeping. But the real size of me settles around me.”

“I have worked with a number of practitioners, and Sonia is the one who is able to help me reach my emotional landscape on a visceral level. The clarity and sense of empowerment I have gained through my sessions with her have been life-changing.”

Sessions and Prices

To begin, I offer a no-charge initial exploration conversation via phone or zoom to get a feel for each other and discuss what you’re looking for. These calls are 30-45 minutes.

Unless otherwise arranged, all sessions are via Zoom. Standard sessions are 60-75 minutes. Couples’ sessions are 75-90 mins.

Singles sessions are $120/session, and couples are $200/session. I offer a sliding scale to those who need it. Please contact me to discuss.

To schedule an exploration conversation or ask questions, drop me a note.