If You Ready

Dirk's great-grandmother's nearly a hundred years old. She's got scars all over her hands.

Someday Dirk will find out why. 

Twenty plus stories in this anthology: Blaze Ward Presents: Cloak and Dagger. Science fiction, urban fantasy, and sword and sorcery fantasy. Come explore the many bright and dark places that twenty odd visionaries went and will happily take you.


"Get from house, boy," said Dirk's great-grandmother, her accent thick.

Dirk glanced up from his game. The old woman was hunched at the doorway, steel blue eyes unsoftened by a fond, faint smile. "Get from house now," she repeated. "Cannot stay forever."

"Nana," he objected, his attention and thumbs drawn back to the tablet as the game started beeping from neglect. "I'm just--"

"Make me repeat myself?" she asked.

It took a moment, but something in her tone caught him. He exhaled frustration and put down the tablet, looking back at her wrinkled face and clasped hands with scars across the backs like webs.

"Maybe you tell me today, nana? About your hands?"

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