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Done Lore #5 from Lore Online May 2014 My short story “Done” is included in LORE #5, a quarterly anthology. The story is entirely constructed of dialogue, with nothing at all outside the quotes, an unusual approach to narrative, even for me. It starts with a murder. Probably.
Descent Dark Descents from Hazardous Press Dec 2012 This three-story collection begins with my dark and bloody urban fantasy novella about love, power, and the apocalypse. Also in the collection are reprints of “The Green” and “Motherhood”. Available for kindel and in hard copy.
Romance, with Mice Dadaoism Anthology, Chomu Press 2012 From the submission guidelines: “…an anthology that will be the literary and psychic equivalent of a tour around the edges of a dying galaxy in a spectacularly malfunctioning space vehicle.” I found this call irresistible and wrote Romance, with Mice. It would have been unpublishable almost anywhere else, so I was really pleased when they said yes. You can get the anthology here or here.
Mirror Test Tomorrow Project: Seattle from Intel Corporation Oct 2011 In 2011 Intel asked for science fiction describing the future of some of their key R&D technologies for this anthology. I combined virtual reality, machine learning and facial recognition to explore what happens when software can tell intimate things about what meatware (that’s you) is thinking. The anthology pdf is available here, courtesy of Intel. And here’s a podcast interview with me about the story.
The Rejection Saga Journal of Universal Rejection Feb-May 2011 Meta-fiction, meaning fiction within layers. Yes, like an onion. This work led me to an editorial position. It’s all wrapped up in a nice little package here.
Payback Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine June 1997 This is one of my most successful stories, by my own standards, gathering a lot of peer acknowledgements. It was also one of those that surprised me. I had no clue how to end it. I remember typing the story, reading as the words came out in front of me, and thinking, “this’ll never work” and then watching as, somehow, it did.
The Angels’ Share Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Dec 1996 One day I read that single malt whiskey aged a typical decade loses a percent and a half every year to evaporation, and this is called “the Angels’ Share”. I was so enchanted with the phrase that I sat down to write and this story was born. It’s about the ethics of borrowing someone else’s body, and it’s now available again on Smashwords.
And Peace Shall Sleep HarperPrism July 1996 My first published novel. You don’t need to be a MtG player to enjoy it. Exploring classic fantasy themes of heroism, mixed-culture families, and explosives. (That’s humor, in case I was too subtle.)
Multiply and Conquer An essay dressed up as fiction, and based in the plot of A Hand in the Mirror.
Chef’s Surprise Anthology Distant Planes, Wizards of the Coast Fall 1995 Chef’s Surprise is the origin story of the Underground Cookbook, based on the flavor text from the card Granite Gargoyle. It was work-for-hire, so I don’t own it, but I am indeed the author. As far as I know the book is out of print, but there are some good posts about it, among them these two: The Throat Wolf card and what I did with it in the receipe book and this excellent summary of the story itself. Vincent? Vincent was my creation. A tribute to Mr. Price, of course.
When Strangers Meet New Legends anthology, edited by Greg Bear Summer 1995 This story wrote itself out of a dream I’d had the night before. I sat down and watched the words come, one after another, and didn’t get up until it was done. It was published in this incredible anthology nearly as written. At Clarion West, Waldorp said that most writers get one story as a gift. If so, this was mine.
The Going Price Wizards of the Coast, anthology Tapestries The seed story for And Peace Shall Sleep.
The Jesus Construct Pulphouse, issue #18 Mar 1995 Religion, consciouness, and cyberspace.
A Hand in the Mirror Cyberdreams anthology; first publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Aug 1993. Jun 1994 and Aug 1992 An early look into collaborative virtual reality and academia. I have updated and extended this story into a novel-length book that I intend to shop around soon.
The Green Expanse Number 3 May 1994 What’s worse than growing up in a big-city apartment with roaches? Find out. Also available here, in collection with two of my other stories, from Hazardous Press.
There is a Season Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Dec 1993 A short, wrenching story that still brings me to tears.
It Might be Sunlight Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Nov 1993 This is the one that got written in tears and blood. A fan contacted me nearly 15 years after it was published to tell me that he still makes photo copies of his tattered copy to give to friends. Now he can get a new copy from CreateSpace or Amazon and so can you.
Motherhood Pulphouse, issue #16 Sep 1993 One of my earliest pieces. Something about a baby. No, really, it’s good. Available in the collection “Dark Descents” from Hazardous Press.
The Animal Game Anthology Infinite Loop: Software Development’s Own Anthology of Science Fiction, pub. Miller Freeman Aug 1993 I wondered if I could write a story with six characters and no dialogue, having to do with gaming and VR. Yes, it turned out, I could.
Carnival Willamette Writers Kay Snow First Place Winner 1993 A munchie bit of a story, really — a snack touching on the theme of transcendent experiences and how fleeting they can be. It’s all so obvious, so clear, so easy, when you’re there. And then it’s gone, and you can’t get back. This story won me the Kay Snow award for the second year in a row. I was a bit embarrassed, so I didn’t enter a third year. Available: here on Smashwords.
Eyes of the Beholder Midnight Zoo (Vol. 2, No. 1) Jan 1992 When I workshopped this gruesome story at a SF&F convention in 1991, out of eight professional writers, only one understood what I was trying to. Afterwards she took me aside, and said: “rewrite it without pulling your punches, and I’ll publish it.” So I did, and she did.
Blades Willamette Writers Kay Snow First Place Winner 1992 Blades is one of my very earliest very short stories. Because of my background in the fighting arts, including sword, it has special meaning to me. It’s short, it’s a bit edged, and I hope it leaves just a hint of iron taste in the mouth. Available here on Smashwords.
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