Words: I write stories, articles, reviews, and more for various causes, companies, and creations. From websites to newsletters, I know how to make ideas accessible, compelling, and persuasive. I don’t just word-craft — I message-craft. If you’re trying to explain a world-changing paradigm-shattering insight but aren’t quite sure how, contact me.

Ventures: I have founded three internet start-ups and in those ventures taken on every job from software developer to CEO to HR director. I know how to organize people, projects, and priorities. I have herded cats with a shoe string, staffed up teams with a grin, and passed out cookies on Fridays. I know how to get things done.

Bits: I was the sole developer for a web application that crowd-sourced on-line information about 1.5 million USA non-profit organizations. Along with writing the code which was based on an open source software stack including Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sphinx, and Linux, I developed business plans, funding proposals, architecture, UI, data flow, reporting. I’m interested in software projects that have culture-changing scope. If you’ve got one, drop me a note.